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Amber by Torvela is expressing the best sides of amber – it‘s uniqueness, natural beauty and a special positive energy. All our amber jewelry is made of natural amber. Please note that amber is an unique stone and every piece is handmade.

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We are extremely flattered, that over all these years, we have found our beloved clients. Being able to influence and control the process from raw material selection to using it the most efficient way, allows us to be reliable amber jewelry wholesaler for our business partners.

About us

We are not a typical amber jewelry brand - It‘s a family business, where everyone feels being heard and secure. We believe that work has to bring joy and only then high class amber jewelry can be made.

  • We are always up to date with our designs and keep up with innovations in order to be the best.

  • We create good feeling in our factory and hand it over to our beloved clients.

With the brand name Amber by Torvela, we are attending worldwide jewelry and gems exhibitions several times in a year. That includes Hong Kong, Europe. We are always happy to present amber jewelry for this gemstone admirers. We offer wide variety of uniquely designed amber jewelry wholesale including:

Amber necklaces | Bracelets | Earrings | Brooches | Pendants | Souvenirs

A well-chosen amber jewelry not only completes Your outfit, but also radiates a special energy that inspires You to be confident about Yourself and Your choices. Besides, amber is that kind of gemstone that attracts attention to Your face.

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In new arrivals category we have our latest amber jewelry and we believe that everyone will find here something adorable. Every day we create new products and try to catch up with the latest trends, so you could always be in style!

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Amber by Torvela is open to verified wholesalers. It is a great pleasure to be doing business with you.