Did you notice that the autumn is halfway through?
That's why we want to inspire you and share some fall ideas on how to match your outfit with our gorgeous amber jewelry!

cognac amber outfitJewelry made from beautiful cognac color amber is always eye-catching and unforgettable.
You can match it with the autumn‘s colors clothes or even flower print items as in the picture.
Long boots and a comfortable bag make it a perfect combination.

white amber outfit

For dark colors admirer who wants some jewelry to accent their best features, white amber jewelry is a perfect idea!
These amber stones will make you feel brighter on a rainy day and boost your confidence to the next level.  

dark cherry amber outfit

Ah, that royal red color is really fascinating.
With these cherry amber jewelry pieces, you will always look luxurious and make an extraordinary impression!
This mystical color perfectly matches all nude shades outfits and emphasizes your exclusive taste in fashion. 


Take a look at our amber collection, we hope you'll find something to match your style!

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This natural resin is really amazing because it comes in many different shades. Until today there are more than 250 different shades but not all of them are identified. You can find it from yellow to orange or even white and green.

mix color amber necklace

Below we will introduce you with some of main amber colors--

Natural or White Amber

White Amber is the rarest and expensive color of all. You can know this color as butterscotch Amber too. It‘s characterized by its milky white to yellow shade. This amber is also referred to as Royal, Antique, Yolk Amber or just White or Yellow Amber. Since this color of amber is very expensive, other manufacturers sometimes falsificate this kind of amber by gluing amber dust into bigger amber stones. This kind of amber is called pressed amber and it has no valuable properties.

white amber necklace

Cognac Amber

The most popular color of Baltic amber is the cognac shade. It is a natural color, which was the dominant raw material from other minerals. Today cognac color is obtained during the heating process of gas, and then rapid cooling. How light or dark orange color of Amber depends on the number of gas bubbles found in the stone. The more bubbles are in stone the lighter color will be. It’s not surprising that this beautiful amber color is also called honey. Because of its light transmission, most of the classic jewelry is made from it.

Cognac amber pendant

Green Amber

Green Amber is very popular among stylish and trends following people. Jewelry made of this amber color is very fashionable and avant-garde. It‘s interesting that some time ago there were people who believed that green Amber color has the capacity to bring immortality and good luck.

green amber necklace

Red Amber

This color is also named cherry. Red/ cherry color is developed by exposing amber to very high temperatures. The color is obtained by heating cognac amber color like in the oven, and then amber piece covers up like a bread crust. Thus, this dark color is just on the surface, inside it is clear. This amber color is also named as royal, maybe because in ancient times it was worn just by rich people, not all could afford it.

Red amber necklace

Black Amber

This type of resin is the most usual. When forming, this color of amber was mixed up with the remains of the bark, leaf litter mass and tiny bits of soil. Sometimes in this kind of amber stones can be only 10-15% of resin and other could be just impurities, that‘s why this amber color is the cheapest.

Black amber pendant

Lemon/Transparent Amber

Just about 10% of amber is transparent and mostly found in small pieces. This color is so clear because resin was flowing in a shady place. The volatile components of resin evaporated slowly and did not make the resin turbid with gas bubbles, so the amber remained transparent. Because of the color transparency and freshness, this type of amber jewelry is the most popular to wear in the Summer.

Lemon amber pendant

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Wow, what a marathon of autumn‘s exhibitions just passed!

We are finally back home and very happy that we were a part of huge jewelry and gemstone‘s exhibitions in Italy, Hong Kong, and Poland.

amber by torvela booth

We hope to see you in future events and surprise you with our new ideas and designs.

However, if you were unable to meet us there, you can always visit our online shop or if you want to make a custom order, please contact us via email at amber@torvela.com.

It's our pleasure to communicate with you and to suggest you the best amber jewerly.

amber by torvela booth 2



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People believe that amber is a symbol of happiness and health. It has long been used in folk medicine for its purported healing properties. Gold or orange amber has a magical power to heal or clean the body, mind and spirit.

Amber pendant golden

Amber is an exceptional stone for discharging negative moods, relieving anxiety, or deflecting energy from others. It warms the more it is touched and generates a positive, uplifting current of energy. 

White amber earrings

This beautiful stone is a natural purifier, esteemed for its ability to draw pain and disease from the physical body by absorbing negative or stagnant energies and transforming them into clear, positive energy.

Cognac color amber necklace

It eases stress by clearing phobias and fears, and it is a lovely warm stone to wear.  Nature’s healing wisdom is locked within Baltic Amber, so make wearing it in the form of jewelry as a beautiful part of your daily wellness practice.

 Wow amber necklace

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As you know amber is not a gemstone or a mineral.

It’s the hardened resin of certain trees fossilized over long periods of time.

Occasionally, resin running down a tree trapped small insects and preserved them for the ages. 

Amber with insects 1

Can you believe that more than half of the inclusions found in amber are flies, ants, beetles, spiders, termites, bees, wasps, cockroaches or even lizards and frogs?

Skin, scales, fur and feathers are just some of the incredibly detailed features found in amber.

Because of these insects trapped in amber has helped paleontologists to reconstruct life on earth and identify more than 1000 extinct species of insects.

Isn’t it amazing?

Amber with insects 2

Amber jewelry that has insects inside is the most unique and rare.

When you buy amber with insects, you can be sure that no one will ever have a similar piece like yours.

What nature has done once, no one can replicate it.

Amber with insects 3

Explore our natural amber jewelry with insects here. 

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If you are into mystical and magical things - you will like this article. Needless to say, you will be able to see amber in another light.

There is no doubt, that amber has some healing abilities, but who knew it has also some powers we might do not really understand, even though it affects us.

There exists a lot of folklore around the powers of amber through the ages, some of them contained powerful magic to ward off witches, evil forces and other witchcraft.

In astrology, amber is classified as a gemstone for several different signs of the Zodiac for its strength and energy. This is a happy part for both Cancer and Taurus, cause amber helps these signs the most.

It is Cancer’s birthstone and it's been thought to reflect the energy of the sunniest and warmest month of the year in the Northern Hemisphere where it is found.

You might also see amber listed as a birthstone for the astrological sign of Taurus. It fits and aligns with this sign appropriately for the nature lover in the scope of its own earthy origins. The orange-gold colors in Amber are supposed to stabilize higher energies in the physical body and therefore influence Taurus by calming them and offering protection and balance.

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Lithuanian feast full of magic and spiritual growth

This time let us tell you about one of the most important feasts in Lithuania – Midsummer day. The longest day and shortest night around that time in north hemisphere is celebrated on the night of June 23rd to 24th.

The origins of this feast is Lithuanian Dew Holiday, which after christening was renamed to Saint John’s Day.

This feast is believed to be a magical night and so it has a lot of spells and old traditions. They say that on this night all the flora gets magical power and their healing properties intensifies.

Natural amber bracelets

On this special night all young women would dress up linen clothes and go singing to make flower wreaths. Out of made wreaths they would count chamomile petals and if they get pair amount of them it meant they would get married, otherwise they would stay single. 

White amber necklace

On Midsummer night it was also believed of magical dew abilities. People would gather dew and give it to cows, so they would have more milk, sprinkle it on the gardens, so they would be rich. Young women also believed the power of dew. Early in the morning, they would wake up, wash themselves with morning dew and go to sleep again with a belief that they will dream their future husbands.

Fern and cherry color amber necklace

One of the most famous traditions which goes back to when Midsummer day was celebrated as Dew Holiday, is going on a search of fern blossom. It might be the most mystical symbol of human matureness since fern is a plant that doesn’t actually blossom. Fern blossom is not only festive entertainment sign or inner, spiritual world and life metaphor. A search of it is a path connected to spiritual values and experiences. This might sound weird, but this search of mystical fern blossom is based on rationality. To find it means to see the deepest meanings of existence, mature the wisdom of life. It is believed that goodness, wisdom and knowledge opens up only for the brave and persevering ones.

On this special night, we wish you to experience as much as possible and reconnect with your inner self.  

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Lithuanian legend about amber

It is not a secret, that Lithuania is well-known for strong amber craftsmanship traditions, but who knew that there is also an old legend about how amber came to us? This story was written in 1842 by Adomas Jucevičius.

According to the legend, long long time ago when the Thunder was the main and the strongest God of all pagan Gods, the goddess Jūratė was living in amber castle at the bottom of the sea. She was the prettiest of all the goddess and haven‘t yet discovered the human love.

But one time, where small river Šventoji merges with the Baltic sea, a brave fisherman Kąstytis threw his fishing net. Jūratė sent mermaids to inform the fisherman, it is not allowed to disturb the sea life and catch the fishes. But fisherman Kąstytis ignored the warning and continued fishing. Jūratė was intrigued to find out, who did not follow her orders and decided to go to the surface. Once she saw Kąstytis, she instantly fell inlove with him for his bravery and charm.  Kąstytis couldn‘t resist to Jūratė as well, so he went to the bottom of the sea to live with her at the amber castle.

Unfortunately, the Thunder found out about their love and got really mad. He was so upset that he threw his bolts and lightnings to the amber castle and tore it down completely. Kąstytis did not survive this tragic accident, and Jūratė was stuck near the damaged amber wall.

Amber by Torvela white color necklace

Now, with every wave that comes, Jūratė still cries and mourns for the love of her life Kąstytis and their love story that ended so tragically. Her crying and heartbreak sometimes becomes so sad and potent, that all the sea starts to run high, which involves small amber pieces of the broken castle and throws it to the seaside. Those small pieces of amber are called Jūratė’s tears, because of their clarity and pureness, same as Jūratė and Kąstytis love. 

For beautiful linen clothes we are very grateful for Lithuanian design brand GÝVA.

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A fine romance between Amber and Linen Or How to style Amber Jewelry

You know how they say best jewelry is the one that matches every outfit? To my personal humble opinion Amber jewelry perfectly matches this requirement. Its soft nature lets this genuine gemstone purify every look and your eyes shine. 

For this exact article I’d like to stress the inevitable connection between Baltic Amber and Linen (or to be clear – Linen fabric clothes). This combination is not only practical since the summer came and the weather got hotter, but also because natural soft shade of Linen fabrics organically dances with Amber jewelry with every move you make.

This so-called dance can be light and delicate if you choose minimalistic genuine Amber jewelry set combined out of dark multicolor beans extra long necklace and bracelets.

tamsus mix

Get this kind of jewelry here

Or if you want to remain complete natural look, choose this kind of genuine Amber handmade bracelets from natural shape white color beads. Guarantee, it looks great on every skin!

Natural Baltic Amber handmade jewelry by Amber by Torvela_3

Get this kind of amber jewelry here

You can also make quite a statement with handmade Linen clothes and bright green color natural Baltic amber necklace. A perfect match for a special occasion or just to brighten up your eyes.

Natural Baltic Amber handmade jewelry by Amber by Torvela_2

Get this kind of necklace here

For this amazing collaboration we are very grateful for Lithuanian design brand GÝVA.

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Participating in Amberif, International Fair of Amber, Jewellery and Gemstones

March was an amazing month and one of the greatest experiences was participation in Amberif, International Fair of Amber, Jewellery and Gemstones. This fair, one of the largest event for amber admirers, was held for the 25th time. Surrounded by 470 exhibitors from 15 countries and over 6,000 trade visitors from 54 countries once again made us feel so honored to be a part of this amazing event, and such great anniversary.

Every exhibition is a perfect place to meet old colleagues, share new ideas and jewellery trends. It is amazing how participating in Amberif for 13 years brought us many wonderful connections – starting from business partners, ending with people that we can proudly call friends.

Hope to see you there too!


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