This natural resin is really amazing because it comes in many different shades. Until today there are more than 250 different shades but not all of them are identified. You can find it from yellow to orange or even white and green.

mix color amber necklace

Below we will introduce you with some of main amber colors--

Natural or White Amber

White Amber is the rarest and expensive color of all. You can know this color as butterscotch Amber too. It‘s characterized by its milky white to yellow shade. This amber is also referred to as Royal, Antique, Yolk Amber or just White or Yellow Amber. Since this color of amber is very expensive, other manufacturers sometimes falsificate this kind of amber by gluing amber dust into bigger amber stones. This kind of amber is called pressed amber and it has no valuable properties.

white amber necklace

Cognac Amber

The most popular color of Baltic amber is the cognac shade. It is a natural color, which was the dominant raw material from other minerals. Today cognac color is obtained during the heating process of gas, and then rapid cooling. How light or dark orange color of Amber depends on the number of gas bubbles found in the stone. The more bubbles are in stone the lighter color will be. It’s not surprising that this beautiful amber color is also called honey. Because of its light transmission, most of the classic jewelry is made from it.

Cognac amber pendant

Green Amber

Green Amber is very popular among stylish and trends following people. Jewelry made of this amber color is very fashionable and avant-garde. It‘s interesting that some time ago there were people who believed that green Amber color has the capacity to bring immortality and good luck.

green amber necklace

Red Amber

This color is also named cherry. Red/ cherry color is developed by exposing amber to very high temperatures. The color is obtained by heating cognac amber color like in the oven, and then amber piece covers up like a bread crust. Thus, this dark color is just on the surface, inside it is clear. This amber color is also named as royal, maybe because in ancient times it was worn just by rich people, not all could afford it.

Red amber necklace

Black Amber

This type of resin is the most usual. When forming, this color of amber was mixed up with the remains of the bark, leaf litter mass and tiny bits of soil. Sometimes in this kind of amber stones can be only 10-15% of resin and other could be just impurities, that‘s why this amber color is the cheapest.

Black amber pendant

Lemon/Transparent Amber

Just about 10% of amber is transparent and mostly found in small pieces. This color is so clear because resin was flowing in a shady place. The volatile components of resin evaporated slowly and did not make the resin turbid with gas bubbles, so the amber remained transparent. Because of the color transparency and freshness, this type of amber jewelry is the most popular to wear in the Summer.

Lemon amber pendant

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