It is not a secret, that Lithuania is well-known for strong amber craftsmanship traditions, but who knew that there is also an old legend about how amber came to us? This story was written in 1842 by Adomas Jucevičius.

According to the legend, long long time ago when the Thunder was the main and the strongest God of all pagan Gods, the goddess Jūratė was living in amber castle at the bottom of the sea. She was the prettiest of all the goddess and haven‘t yet discovered the human love.

But one time, where small river Šventoji merges with the Baltic sea, a brave fisherman Kąstytis threw his fishing net. Jūratė sent mermaids to inform the fisherman, it is not allowed to disturb the sea life and catch the fishes. But fisherman Kąstytis ignored the warning and continued fishing. Jūratė was intrigued to find out, who did not follow her orders and decided to go to the surface. Once she saw Kąstytis, she instantly fell inlove with him for his bravery and charm.  Kąstytis couldn‘t resist to Jūratė as well, so he went to the bottom of the sea to live with her at the amber castle.

Unfortunately, the Thunder found out about their love and got really mad. He was so upset that he threw his bolts and lightnings to the amber castle and tore it down completely. Kąstytis did not survive this tragic accident, and Jūratė was stuck near the damaged amber wall.

Amber by Torvela white color necklace

Now, with every wave that comes, Jūratė still cries and mourns for the love of her life Kąstytis and their love story that ended so tragically. Her crying and heartbreak sometimes becomes so sad and potent, that all the sea starts to run high, which involves small amber pieces of the broken castle and throws it to the seaside. Those small pieces of amber are called Jūratė’s tears, because of their clarity and pureness, same as Jūratė and Kąstytis love. 

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