This time let us tell you about one of the most important feasts in Lithuania – Midsummer day. The longest day and shortest night around that time in north hemisphere is celebrated on the night of June 23rd to 24th.

The origins of this feast is Lithuanian Dew Holiday, which after christening was renamed to Saint John’s Day.

This feast is believed to be a magical night and so it has a lot of spells and old traditions. They say that on this night all the flora gets magical power and their healing properties intensifies.

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On this special night all young women would dress up linen clothes and go singing to make flower wreaths. Out of made wreaths they would count chamomile petals and if they get pair amount of them it meant they would get married, otherwise they would stay single. 

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On Midsummer night it was also believed of magical dew abilities. People would gather dew and give it to cows, so they would have more milk, sprinkle it on the gardens, so they would be rich. Young women also believed the power of dew. Early in the morning, they would wake up, wash themselves with morning dew and go to sleep again with a belief that they will dream their future husbands.

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One of the most famous traditions which goes back to when Midsummer day was celebrated as Dew Holiday, is going on a search of fern blossom. It might be the most mystical symbol of human matureness since fern is a plant that doesn’t actually blossom. Fern blossom is not only festive entertainment sign or inner, spiritual world and life metaphor. A search of it is a path connected to spiritual values and experiences. This might sound weird, but this search of mystical fern blossom is based on rationality. To find it means to see the deepest meanings of existence, mature the wisdom of life. It is believed that goodness, wisdom and knowledge opens up only for the brave and persevering ones.

On this special night, we wish you to experience as much as possible and reconnect with your inner self.