You know how they say best jewelry is the one that matches every outfit? To my personal humble opinion Amber jewelry perfectly matches this requirement. Its soft nature lets this genuine gemstone purify every look and your eyes shine. 

For this exact article I’d like to stress the inevitable connection between Baltic Amber and Linen (or to be clear – Linen fabric clothes). This combination is not only practical since the summer came and the weather got hotter, but also because natural soft shade of Linen fabrics organically dances with Amber jewelry with every move you make.

This so-called dance can be light and delicate if you choose minimalistic genuine Amber jewelry set combined out of dark multicolor beans extra long necklace and bracelets.

tamsus mix

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Or if you want to remain complete natural look, choose this kind of genuine Amber handmade bracelets from natural shape white color beads. Guarantee, it looks great on every skin!

Natural Baltic Amber handmade jewelry by Amber by Torvela_3

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You can also make quite a statement with handmade Linen clothes and bright green color natural Baltic amber necklace. A perfect match for a special occasion or just to brighten up your eyes.

Natural Baltic Amber handmade jewelry by Amber by Torvela_2

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For this amazing collaboration we are very grateful for Lithuanian design brand GÝVA.