Torvela Brand Story

Our story started when Vytautas, the founder and owner of Torvela, decided to take his family and move back to Palanga, a small resort near the Baltic sea, where he has spent most of his childhood. Being that close to his roots, he also gradually came closer to lithuanian‘s traditions and that felt good. He couldn‘t help but think how to merge traditions and innovations into something special, that would carry Lithuania‘s heritage and also be magnetic to nowadays society. Amber was the material closest to his heart – light, always warm, and it had all besutiful colors of nature. This seemed to be the perfect match.

Development of a new business always takes time. But that did not stop Vytautas. After researching the market and its‘ demand for several years, he came to a conclussion, that in order to make his own style, high quality amber jewelry, it is necessary to open a factory. Forming a team with the same virtues as Vytautas took a while, it was a real salvation that he always had his loving wife Danguole beside him. Being able to influence and control the process from raw material selection to using it the most efficient way, Vytautas became a reliable amber goods supplier for his business partners. After some time, he gained a number of loyal customers, with the same worldview and virtues.

Being in business since 1998, Torvela now is known as one of the best known amber goods manufacturers and wholesalers from Lithuania. A number of years passed by while working with clients from Japan, USA. Not only the executives of the company, but also the children now joined the family business and attend worldwide gems exhibitions several times in a year. That includes Hong Kong, Europe, where they present amber goods that their clients love. Now Torvela has high class artisans, wide variety of clients all around the world, and always up to date amber goods for every style.


Torvela is not a typical amber jewelry brand just making pretty things. It‘s a family business, where every employee feels being heard and secure. It‘s our goal to communicate, never close the door when a person needs support and keep close relations. We believe that work has to bring joy and only then high class amber jewelry can be made.


To be always up to date with our designs and keep up with innovations in order to be the best in the field.


Our mission is to create job places for honest, devoted and diligent people, make a place for them where they could feel safe, heard and loved. And only achieved all of this, create beautiful amber jewelry for other people. In other words – create good feeling in our factory and hand it over to our beloved clients.