The Customer can choose to pay for the Goods in advance by bank transfer or through the electronic payment service system PayPal.


The prices of the Goods on the Website and in the Order of Goods are indicated near specific Goods in the official currency of the Republic of Lithuania in accordance with the requirements of the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania. The final price of the Goods with taxes, including VAT (if applicable), and shipping costs, is indicated after inserting Goods into the cart of the Goods and after entering into the cart of the Goods.

The Seller's Website indicates the final price of the Goods, which is valid for the delivery of such Goods in the territory of the European Union. Therefore, if the Goods are delivered outside the territory of the European Union, the Buyer will be responsible for the payment of taxes, which are related to the Goods, including, but not limited to any import, duty, VAT and other taxes, if applicable.

In case the Client wants to get more units of certain Goods than it is available on the Website and by using the Website submits a request to the Seller, the submission of the Order of Goods, specific terms of the execution and payment of the Order of Goods shall be coordinated under separate agreement between the Buyer and the Seller.

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